We’ve got this. [COVID-19 Resources]

What a wild ride the last week or two has been. Are you doing okay?

There has been a TON of information floating around recently and it’s a lot to digest so I wanted to create this little guide and offer a few tips for how to cope, personally and professionally. Right now we have a unique opportunity to shape the future of our personal lives, businesses and together, whole industries. Here are some ideas:

  • Rest. I know a lot of you are scrambling right now and I understand. But we need to take care of ourselves and often the best way to do that is rest. It’s good for your mind, good for your immune system, and something our culture doesn’t often allow. So sink into it and take a nap or relax on the couch. Let yourself be peaceful for a little while.
  • Get organized. I know so many freelancers and small business owners who are constantly one task away from a total meltdown. Let’s end that now. It’s time to put systems in place and trim the fat from a business that is overextended. Find tools (see below) that help you optimize operations and schedules and deliver peace of mind.
  • Nurture your community and your networks. I don’t think I need to dive too far into this one because if there is one silver lining to this quarantine situation it’s that networks are being built and strengthened and we are experiencing a very strong sense of community through shared uncertainty. And if you’re not feeling that and you do feel isolated that’s okay, but it may be time to talk to a trusted friend or reach out for help from a professional (see resources below).
  • Enact change where you can. This is a big one because we are experiencing a moment that is testing our leaders, our social systems, industry, and economy. Do you want our nurses and doctors to have appropriate personal protective equipment when working to care for COVID-19 patients? Do you want gig workers to be able to put food on the table when a global crisis puts them out of work? Me too. Check out some resources below for how you can support those efforts and more.
  • Make plans for the future. I’m hearing a lot of anxiety from people that just aren’t comfortable with the fact that we really don’t know when this situation will be over or when they can plan to get back to normal life. I get it. But we shouldn’t stop planning. Let’s be flexible with ourselves and our plans but put in a little bit of work now so that we can execute our plans even more flawlessly in the bright future. Did you want to plan an event or trip that is on hold now? Keep at it! Do your research, identify resources and support, scroll Pinterest for inspiration. The world is still there waiting for us to be healthy and ready.
  • Look for the good and share it! Over the last few days, I have watched communities come together over live streams to donate a few bucks here and there to artists who are struggling without work. I have watched networks share lists of which small bars and restaurants are offering curbside pickup or gift cards to keep their businesses afloat. I have seen individuals check on the sick and elderly, offering to pick up and sanitize groceries so that vulnerable populations can get what they need without increased risk. I have seen families spending extra time together and more children outdoors in my neighborhood than I’ve seen since last summer. I have seen leaders offering support to those who are having to ease into work or school at home. I have seen innovation and idea-sharing. I have seen a lot of people reassuring others that “we’ve got this!” and really, we do if we work together.

I’m listing some resources below that I have found informative and helpful. Use them. Share them. Give me recommendations for more to add because this will be a running list. Social distancing shouldn’t mean social disconnect. So slide in my DMs or leave a comment below and we can get through this together. We’ve got this.

Resources for Organization

  • Asana – Easily organize and plan workflows, projects, and more, so you can keep your team’s work on schedule.
  • Calendly – Schedule meetings without the back and forth emails. Never get double-booked. Automated reminders, timezone detection. Free Plan. Automated Scheduling.

Resources for Mental Health & Support

  • Backline.Care has a mission to connect music industry professionals and their family members to a trusted network of mental health and wellness providers.
  • BetterHelp  – Making professional counseling accessible, affordable (financial aid is available), and convenient so that anyone who struggles with life’s challenges can get help, anytime, anywhere.

Resources for Taking Action

Financial Resources

Official Public Health Resources




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