Email Marketing for PR Pros

Fast, effective, and socially integrated. Email marketing is critical for modern public relations professionals. Here’s why:

PR is a process (but we still need it to move quickly). From Constant Contact to Mail Chimp, there is no reason for a business professional to NOT be using an email marketing platform that is set up for automation. Not only do PR pros need to maintain lead lists and segment for effectiveness, but they also need to be able to send out a targeted email blast that conveys a timely message in an easy to digest way.

Messaging metrics are available (almost) immediately. Need to know who saw what and when (and figure out why open rates are mysteriously dropping)? A quality email marketing service will help you dive into those metrics and more to better target and retarget your audience for optimal messaging.

Does a brand or figure exist without social in 2019? The short answer? No. The long answer? Absolutely not! You MUST exist on multiple social platforms or not at all and a good email marketing service can help you shine across the board. Newsletters can be published to Facebook. Visual content can be beamed to Instagram. Anything and everything can be gathered from social lead forms to build your email list, which should be the home base of important messaging (read: statements for immediate release).

So yes, you DO need to be utilizing a quality email marketing program to maximize your potential as a modern PR pro and Lunar Desk Management can help you do that with the power of Constant Contact for as little as $20/month. Stop doing everything the hard way. We can get you set up in as little as 15 minutes.


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